Thank You for Supporting Our School!

Worthy Student Fund

Due to the generosity of special donors, Laurelbrook has limited amounts of Worthy Student Funds to help students who have financial difficulty. To be eligible for grants from this fund, a student must be willing to accept responsibility, be a positive influence for good, maintain a satisfactory scholarship record, and have a real financial need. Your contribution can help make a Christian education affordable.

Contributions to this fund are tax deductible.

At this time we have about 25 students who benefit from the Worthy Student Fund! These students come from all over the world and are in all different grades.

Missions Trips

The school participates in two mission trips a year, one in winter time to Honduras, and the other during Spring Break to the Dominican Republic. If you feel impressed to donate, please select an option on the drop down box above.


Donation Amount
Purpose of Donation

Current Needs


New boys’ dorm                          $600,000

Duplex                                        $70,000

Staff housing                                $40,000


Video editing equipment               $6,300

Nursing Home

Activity park                                 $10,000

Emergency generator                   $25,000

Kitchen cabinets                           $11,000


Bedding plow, plastic, and drip line layer                               $4,500

Water wheel planter                      $4,000

Plastic lifter                                     $3,500