Discounts & Scholarships

Multi-Student Discount

Receive a discount of $100 per month for each child when account is kept current.


Referral Discounts

By referring someone to Laurelbrook, the current student would receive a $400 scholarship for that current school year.

The scholarship will be applied as follows: for each semester the prospective students attends school, $200 will be applied at the beginning of the last month for that semester, for a total of $400 for the current scholastic year.

Referral of one student for his/her first year- $400

Referral of two students for their first year- $800


Worthy Student Scholarship Fund

The school maintains a Worth Student Fund to help students who have financial needs. A Financial Aid Application can be submitted to request these funds. To be eligible for scholarships from this fund, a student must be willing to accept responsibility, demonstrate exemplary citizenship, maintain at least a 2.0 GPA, and show evidence of financial need. To fill out a Financial Aid Application please contact our Business Manager, Stanton Rolle.

Scholarships from this fund will be made based on eligibility and availability of funds.

Once approved, the awarded scholarship will be applied to the account on a monthly basis as long as the student maintains eligibility and is enrolled as a current student. Contributions to this fund are tax deductible.


Vocational Training Scholarships 

In addition to academic credit, students involved in summer vocational training receive a scholarship. This scholarship is automatically applied to the student's account and is not payable in cash. Vocation training scholarships are not transferable to other student accounts; any credit left on the account of a withdrawing student is automatically transferred to the Worth


Early Payment Discount

Receive a 5% discount for full annual costs paid within the first 12 days of school by cash, check, wire transfer, or ACH debit.


Monthly Allowance
Eligible students will receive a monthly allowance; the amount is based on vocational, academic and Christian citizenship performance

Business Office Manager

Barbara Kitson

(423) 775-3336