To apply as a student, fill out the application completely.  We recommend you review the application first and gather any needed information, as once you begin you cannot stop and come back as you will lose everything you have entered.  Be prepared to complete the application when you begin.  All required forms must be submitted before the admissions committee can accept you. Please look over the Student Handbook before continuing to the application.

In order for your application to be accepted, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The application fee is paid.

  2. We receive your completed application, including a picture of you by yourself. If the picture includes siblings or friends we won't be able to tell which one is you.

  3. We receive your transcript request form. You may download the form here.

  4. The following forms will need to be submitted, but are not required with the application:

    1. Medical History

    2. Physical Examination

    3. Health report

    4. Immunization waiver, if needed.

After your application is complete, please have three references fill out the recommendation form. Your references can fill out the recommendation forms online or mail in a copy.

*International students, please provide a copy of your passport.

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