Recreation and Relaxation

After a long day of quadratic equations and fixing up old cars in the shop, you are going to be ready for a break. Take some time to relax, hang out with friends, or have an adventure in nature.

Hang a hammock out and kick back for a while. Take a swim in the lake. Hike (or bike) on of our many trails. Feed our miniature horses. Exercise in the weight room. Play ping pong in the auditorium. Join in a game at recreation, or shoot a round of disc golf. With almost 2,000 acres of forest and mountain, Laurelbrook has plenty to offer for rest or recreation.

One evening every week each dorm sets aside the books and takes a club night. You may find yourself driving a go kart, taking an outing to Chattanooga, going out to eat, or even biking to the neighborhood orchard for a slice of apple pie.

At the end of each year the students of the publications class present the new yearbook and take time to reminisce over the past school year. After months of adventures together, you will have many memories to share and laugh over together. Though the study and training will at times be tiring, you will have gained friendships that will last a lifetime. Looking back, you may just find that the influence of loving and Christ-centered students and staff has been the most significant part of your education here at Laurelbrook Academy.

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"Those who are engaged in study should have relaxation."

-Adventist Home, p.494

Girls' Deans

Head Dean: 

Stephanie Roy-Lavallee


Boys' Deans

Head Dean:

Richar Perez

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